Candy Stripers

For junior high and high schoolers, opportunities to sample the healthcare field are limited. Methodist Village Senior Living’s candy striper program lets young people see what really goes on in the healthcare profession. Some candy stripers may come into the program thinking they want to be a doctor or a nurse but by the end they may be considering a career as a dietitian or a physician’s assistant.  With the shortage of healthcare workers rising, interest in any health career is beneficial—after all, the youth of today are the future of healthcare.

We are very excited to introduce students to our Candy Striper Program.  Our goal is to provide positive, energetic students (ages 14-18) who are possibly interested in healthcare or other real-world experience with an environment and an opportunity to learn, help others, build friendships, and give back.  The program also aids departments that could use extra sets of hands. The Candy Striper Volunteers also help to make our campus a little happier and friendlier. Volunteering is a great way to build character!

Carol Smith, Business Development Director
Candy Striper Program Coordinator
479-755-6304 office
479-420-0766 cell