In-patient and Outpatient Rehabilitation

About Us

Our Rehabilitation Center provides a comprehensive rehab program, including physical, occupational and speech therapies.   Therapists will tailor an individualized treatment plan to help you recover from surgery, an illness, or in the treatment of complex medical conditions.   We accept therapy referrals from all area physicians for preventative and rehabilitative outpatient services.


High-quality rehab services for individuals that may have suffered from a life-changing event so they can achieve the greatest level of independence possible before going home.


High-quality rehab services for individuals that need to reduce or eliminate pain, increase mobility or aid in recovery from a medical event.

Stein Ancillary Services has been providing therapy services for over a decade here at Methodist Village Senior Living and is fully integrated in the care delivery systems on our campus.

For more information, please email your information and we will contact you directly.